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Goals Not Plans

I apologize for the lack of posts but as of late I've been super busy readjusting my life to a 9-5 job and trying hard not to die from monotony. So far I've survived with the wonderful help of alcohol and various other methods. But as of late, my good friend Jim Beam is not doing his job. Like dude is fucking up and leading me to horrible fits of feels that ends with me weeping into my Sailor Moon pillow.

Although my girl Sailor Moon has been a great companion, I've come to the conclusion that my emotions and lack of creativity is being drained by my overly planned life. Which is strange cause I hate planning and hate routine. I guess this is what happens when you get a 9-5 job and start to feel the silent but overbearing pressure to be "someone" in the world. So where do people like me go from here? Do I continue on and become this grown up with grown up shit? Or do I try and venture out in the world seeking some truth that is beyond the capabilities of my human body?

Or I could say fuck it cause in reality, there is nothing I could do to make the world feel less heavy. The world by default is heavy from the loads of fucks we give and maybe instead of trying to plan my life around this heavy load, I can choose to well...to not plan at all. Cause in reality, what the fuck is the point of planning? Planning keeps you bounded in a small square of expectations and keeps you from being you in a world of possibility. I would much gather have goals. Goals are fluid, goals are realistic, and goals have no time line. Goals make sense. Plans don't. So in conclusion since I feel like I'm being all preachy, just fuck it.