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Instagram Free = A Better Human Being (At Least For Me)

As I'm sitting here in my apartment anticipating the drop of Drake's new album much like all the other soft ass bitches in the world, I realized its been a real minute since my little stubby fingers has strolled through the Instagram world. And to be honest I don't even miss it. I deleted the app earlier this year and have yet to have it back on my phone for this pure reason - I am a better human being for it

Instagram is bullshit and will continue to make people think and create even more bullshit in their lives. I stopped posting on my personal Instagram for that pretense because my mind was being cluttered with garbage that fucked me up all the time. I would find myself being the worst critic of anyone and anything that past through my feed and worst of all I was obsessing over bitches who have no type of impact on my life. 

Does it really matter that my ex liked this girl's picture? Or follows this person that I don't like? Better yet is it even remotely important that my side piece got a new pair of shoes and was stunting it for their 2,000 something followers? Nah. None of that shit matters and will continue to not matter when we pass on. And the only reason why any of us do it (including myself) is cause we have been ingrained to gain some sort of validation in tearing down and stalking these people we follow. But what the fuck are we really validating? Nothing but insecurities with ourselves and judgement towards others who are wandering the world just like us. 

So when I say I became a better person by dipping off Instagram I am basically saying in a nutshell that we need to stop caring about shit that isn't going to affect us in the long run. Cause everything is so temporary and life is a wonderful fleeting journey that should be spent doing things we love and not hovering over a phone screen. Let's not waste time comparing, obsessing, stalking, and scrolling through fragments of someone's edited life. I don't know y'all, maybe its time to grasp shit that's actually real like ourselves.