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Cubicle Curse Series: Bonding

I thought about you a lot when I was in the high peaks of the mountain. I left my safe job and home to be here in the blistering cold. It's cold up here and all I see are dead fields and patches of snow. But I danced in the empty field anyways. I could tell my friend was worried by the way she ran towards me. "Careful! You'll shatter!" she screamed. 

She knew I loved you before I even realized it.

But you aren't here. And I can't seem to cry at the idea that you aren't here. All I see are the once lush trails and the jagged stones peaking from the sides of the mountain. I could smell the last of the fall leaves and the hint of burnt wood near the exit. My heart was still. 

Suddenly we are back in the cozy loft and my friend is asleep in our little twin mattress. I could tell she was dreaming of you for me. The way she tossed her body and how her hand suddenly held mine. Sweat beaded from our palms as she gripped my fingers. "Loosen up" I whispered. But she held on even more. 

She knew I loved you before I even realized it.

But you still aren't here. And I can't seem to stay awake to have you linger in my thoughts. All I see are the dirty pots and pans stacked in the kitchen sink and the little old lady walking alone on the sidewalk. I could smell this morning's breakfast of scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon, faintly but still lingering on the curtains of our window.

I thought about you a lot as I sat on the patio smoking my cigarette. I remembered how you use to toss the hair away from my face and how you took long drags from my cigarettes. "I'm saving you from cancer" you would say jokingly. My friend opened the patio door and kissed me. I could tell she wanted me to feel secure by the way her kiss lingered on my forehead. She traced my lips with her fingers and held me close to her chest, "Your heart is beautiful, why isn't he here?" she asked sobbing into my hair.

I picked myself off her chest and returned her kiss. I held her face in front of mine and screamed...



to be continued

Cubicle Curse Series: Temple

My body is a constant reminder of all the frailties I desperately try to hide from others.

My eyes are blacken and sore from numerous early morning exchanges between myself and my ego. It tells me how much it loves me when I get a glance from the crowd but also how much it hates me when I choose to lay in bed alone. 

My back is scarred and knotted from all the things I never said, wish I said, thought I loved, and from things I thought loved me. It tells me I am beautiful, extraordinary in a sense but nevertheless few steps short of perfection.

My lips are weather-torn and bruised, darken by the words I hold in anger, bleeding from the words I scream, and soften by the melodies I sing. It burns with the traces of my former lovers and the dry remains of intimacy. 

My hands are bleeding and stained with ink, the walls bleed and weep with expectations as I remove the bricks from its home. It crumbles in my hands and turns to light, freedom...freedom. 

I am fragile but I am enduring. I am fragile but I am learning. I am fragile but I am loved. I am fragile but I am peace. I am fragile but I am human.

Cubicle Curse Series: Sea Foam Bed

If I could, I would make beautiful, beautiful love to your soul

Dive in like the wondrous ocean that engulfs our world

Whisper melodies and place my ear against your lips

Tell me what keeps you up at night

Tell me why you fall in love

Tell me why you feel so incomplete

Let me be your rock by the river bed

Let me be the soft breeze in the air

Let me drift like the sea foam that kisses the ocean as it leaves

If I could, I would tell you why you make my heart thunder in the rain

Why when I look at your eyes

I feel my soul echo every need…every fear…and struggle I’ve tried to hide

Be my dark cloud

Drift in and out as the storms pave its way

Be my disaster

Crush everything in my sight

Be my storm

Wash and destroy all of me