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2014: Year in Recap

I contemplated even posting this up cause it's weird to fully think about an entire year and tell everyone about it. But whatever, I'm snacking on some string cheese and was like "what the hell Lisa, go on and reflect on yo life girl". Here in the best of my abilities (and shortest cause my fingers be getting tooo tired) some of the notable things I've learned in 2014.

1. Never take a job just to make money and don't stay in one just for comfort

Stayed in a really shitty job for 8 months and basically died every single day. I literally had multiple out of body experiences where my soul would bitch me out in Cantonese and English. Nevertheless, quitting a 9-5 office job with benefits, corporate appeal, and blah blah was one of the hardest things I had to do but was so fucking liberating. Quitting basically made me realized how I am just NOT the 9-5, office, business casual type. 

2. Always have your ass on a plane

I literally went everywhere and left Chicago every 3 months. I loved it and will continue to pursue this hobby even if my ass is dead broke and have to survive on like the 13 different Ramen flavors from Cermak Produce. I went to so many places and learned something new every time. I swam in Mexican beaches, hiked on Cali cliffs, and swooned over boys in Montreal. Life is too short to always stay in one city. 

3. Try and fail in all relationships

This year was a memorable year full of discovering new relationships whether it be platonic or romantic. I think out of everything, I learned the true meaning of what makes a healthy relationship. Cause for real, after a while you get real tired of letting shitty people come into your life who provide zero growth. So to all the fuccbois who came about this year, shout out to you. You make me so much better. But the best thing I learned from this? Love those who want to stay and love those who want to try. 

4. Fuck expectations and fuck the little voice in your head

Self-explanatory. But at 23 years old, I realized I have these paralyzing set of expectations for myself. It's like..."oh you're 23? Why aren't you in a stable job? Relationship? Have a dog? A place of your own?" First of all, who gives a fuck? If I legit just want to chill at my mama's crib eating white people made tamales, bitch let my single ass do that. And also fuck the little voice in my head who remind me that I have to adhere to the little checklist that society has placed upon me. There is nothing better in the world than to be YOU, do YOU, and just BE. I'll never be this young, hopeful, and energized in my entire life so I gotta do what I gotta do. I could rant on this hours but atlas, my stubby little fingers have lost momentum and is no longer turnt up.

In conclusion, I love you all and can't wait to see what 2015 has in store. 

- L