collection of my poetry and short stories

Kuan Lei

Hard days will always come but you're always reminding me that even though there are days when you just want to lay in bed and give up, we must always rise to the universe. I learned love by watching you get up at dawn for work and making us feel like we had everything even though some days we had nothing. Although you only have a limited elementary school education, your views on people, life, and love cannot compare to any book I've read in school. 

You remind me every day to keep trying and to keep surrendering to life and it's beautiful possibilities. Even when life gets hard and I feel super unworthy of love, I'll always remember the moments in my teenage and early adult life where you remind me that I am beautiful, powerful, and capable beyond limitations because I am Lisa Lei.

To my  beautiful, courageous father...I love you.  I thank the universe every day that not only do I have your eyes, optimistic views on life, but that out of everything that I could have been in the world I became your daughter. 

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