collection of my poetry and short stories

Cubicle Curse Series: Often

I often wonder if you still think about me at two in the afternoon

In between the coffee breaks and the constant surge of people calling your name

Or do you now think of me at two in the morning?

When your bed is warm and your body pulsates with rum


I often wonder if you still remember my perfume

The way it lingered in your bed and how the scents of



And burnt vanilla

Danced around your room

Whispering “I wish we can stay like this forever”

Or do you leave the windows open?

Cause the scent of your own sick makes you dizzy with pain


I often wonder if you still hide in the same places

If the



Mountain tops

Still open their arms for you

Do they still cradle you?

Ask you about the forgotten treasures in your hiding place

The first shadow you cast in spring

Or the first time you ran away from home?

Do they still care?

Do you still care?

Are you still hiding?


I often wonder why I even wonder about you

In between every ray of light and spaces in the dust

Or have I fallen for your mirage?

The pristine version of your worth

When your shadow no longer haunts you and you actually get up to try