collection of my poetry and short stories

Cubicle Curse Series: Sea Foam Bed

If I could, I would make beautiful, beautiful love to your soul

Dive in like the wondrous ocean that engulfs our world

Whisper melodies and place my ear against your lips

Tell me what keeps you up at night

Tell me why you fall in love

Tell me why you feel so incomplete

Let me be your rock by the river bed

Let me be the soft breeze in the air

Let me drift like the sea foam that kisses the ocean as it leaves

If I could, I would tell you why you make my heart thunder in the rain

Why when I look at your eyes

I feel my soul echo every need…every fear…and struggle I’ve tried to hide

Be my dark cloud

Drift in and out as the storms pave its way

Be my disaster

Crush everything in my sight

Be my storm

Wash and destroy all of me